About Us

Welcome to The Cardio Cavern, your dedicated source for all things cardio related. Our journey began with a simple mission, to share our passion for fitness and endurance with like-minded enthusiasts. From our humble beginnings in Southampton, we have grown into a trusted name, offering a diverse range of high-quality cardio related machines, equipment and accessories at competitive prices.

Our Story
Our journey began in mid 2023, where I was stuck at a dead end, not really knowing what direction to go in, but always with the idea that I would be able to start a successful business that helped people reach new personal heights in both their self and fitness growth. After months of research and hard work, i realised it was easy enough to come by many fitness websites that catered to pretty much everything, but found it was harder to come by a website that offered extended knowledge and products specific to a certain type of fitness regime. Within a world now which has thousands of marathons each year, millions of people taking their cardiovascular fitness seriously and people who are just out right athletes, the idea came to mind to offer something a bit different than just your normal gym website. So here we are, and at The Cardio Cavern, our goal is to offer everyone from beginners, to the very best, up their cardio game with only the very best equipment on the market from none other than the best, most trusted brands. And as we grow, we hope to only get better an become more popular and well known. From a personal standpoint, growing up was all about football and being physically fit. I was a runner for Hampshire back at my school and was in the top 50 in the county. I was grateful to have a natural, athletic talent and as I look back, I could have been even better if my work ethic was there and if I was provided with the proper equipment. So personally for me, what lead to me setting up this business was the fact that I want normal, everyday people an athletes alike, wether that be amateur athletes and beyond, to have countless opportunities and ways to fully reach their potential and break the goals they set themselves and become the very best they can be.

Our Vision
The vision that I have set for this business is to become one of the most recognised cardio gym equipment suppliers within the UK. Wether that takes one year or 10 years, will stop at nothing and do everything we can to become one of the best. We believe here at The Cardio Cavern that being a specialist in this market in terms of providing a specific type of equipment, as well as the very best, to selling all kinds of gym equipment, sets us aside form many others. You can trust that we have done our research on every item we sell, and that they cater to every type of athlete. We thrive off giving you a seamless experience both shopping with us and picking your inventory, so that every second you spend with us is as enjoyable and easy as possible. The Cardio Cavern will always be on hand to help any customer with any query, so you can trust that we only want you, as the customer, to have the very best experience. We approach every day as an opportunity to become better and become a household name in the cardio fitness, gym industry.

Why Choose Us
You wont be disappointed with our excellent range of products, as well as our seamless customer service. We value our customers and will always put the views and questions of the customer first, as well as the customer themselves. Our commitment to customer service will never dampen, as we recognise that this is a critical part of making a business grow trust within the community. 

Meet the Team

Ryan Small: I am the founder and managing directer or The Cardio Cavern and the person behind the general everyday oppressions of the business. I grew up surrounded by all things fitness with my football and running backgrounds. I spent two years of college playing for Southampton FC Futsal, which, if you don't know, is a 5 aside indoor game of football, which very much resembles basketball. It requires extreme levels of fitness and this for me back then was the norm. Growing up, fitness was a massive part of my life. And in being the founder of The Cardio Cavern, I want it to become a part of many other peoples lives as well. I believe my younger days of learning and being apart of it, and my desire to always keep learning, I believe The Cardio Cavern will become a serious player within this game and always continue to supply the best treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and many more. 


We are more than just a cardio gym equipment retailer; we are a part of the community we serve. Our head office
may be in Southampton, but our spirit and services reach all over the UK through our reliable
courier partners [LIST COURIERS – e.g., FedEx, UK Mail, DHL, UPS]. Every order, every customer, and
every question is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

Connect With Us

We thank you for your interest in The Cardio Cavern, and invite you to explore our range. If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can find every possible way to reach us on our "Contact Us" page. You can also search us up on facebook at "The Cardio Cavern", and contact us there and also use it to keep an eye on and updates and what we are up to.